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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

G is for Glue, Wood-glue, lots of it! - Trees, part 2

Continuing with the 'tree' project, it was necessary to prepare for what might have been a very messy process, by covering the cutting board with cling film.

I also pierced a piece of card ready to take the trees, once they had been formed into something recogniseable! Couldn't find my big bottle of wood-glue, so had to use a small tube left over from some flat-packed book cases!

Well, this was always going to be an experiment from a vague idea, so filling the sink to wash my hands, and anything else (I was still thinking this would be a very messy business), I got stuck in with a long stream of white glue! In fact once it had been rolled in my hands for a few seconds it started to get so dry so quickly I had to add more glue and a bit of water.

The balls then got nicely soggy and I placed them on the twigs, I suspect I'll need to get some clear glue into the branch tips once it's all dried tomorrow. Other than my hands, it was quite a mess-free exercise.

The finished trees, well, I say 'finished', I think they look alright for the outcome of a mad idea, however I'm going to try highlighting one with a contrasting wash, covering another in flock of some kind and spotting the third with 'blossom' and see what they look like. I also ran out of glue and carpet strands! So will have to get more of both before I continue.

I abandoned the hedge, it wouldn't really work how I'd envisioned it, however I will try winding a single lose strand round the pad to give texture and then flock it...some time, maybe!

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