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Thursday, March 25, 2010

G is for Gone With The Wind

The third and - I think - final set in this series of 5 figure sets by Cameo Guild for Dave Grossman was titled "Atlanta Scene III", size is now varying between 30mm for the slave to 40mm for the male lead, so I guess they were made to accurately reflect the original characters height and have changed all three post's labels to reflect this.

Left-to-right again; Rhett, Scarlett, Belle Watling (looking far more scarlet than Scarlett!), Prissy ('aren't our little black slave characters soooh adorable' - someone might have said at the time?!) and Aunt Pittypat...isn't she a ferret out of a Peter Rabbit book!!!?

Note how Rhett's moustache has grown and Scarlett is becoming more brunette!

The packaging for one figure, you could get 60+ in the box. Note also how the smart registration card of the first set is now a roughly cut-out piece of photocopying, the two-colour stick-on lid-label has become one-colour and the box has dispensed with fancy position-reliant graphics and been replaced with a repeat logotype that can be punched out with less accuracy (more cheaply!). This is a series running out of steam two years (1994) after it's launch. Not enough subscribers...? If there was a subsequent set, someone might let us know?

Despite all the little digs I've made in the last 3 posts, I like these figures and I'm happy to have them, however I hate what they represent...overpriced, cheap technology, cheap material buy-to-collect 'collectables'. When the people of the world realise I should have been running the planet all along and vote for me to do so! I will, as a priority, bulldoze the mighty works of Franklin, Danbury, John Hine, Cameo, Bradford Exchange and a hundred others, look upon them...and rejoice! (Apologies to Shelly!)

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