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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

G is for Greek

As the knowledge of Toy Soldier collectors spreads and the Internet makes the world smaller, more and more companies are added to the list. Moreover, countries that weren't known for toy soldiers turn up all sorts of little gems.

Greece is one of those countries, Pal which became Ahona (Athena), Joytoy (Vidalis Brothers) and Solpa are three companies that spring to mind, and this little set is - to me - one of those gems.

The box art for 'Monsters' (I suspect the Greek says something like 'Space Monsters'), this is from the '54mm' range, they also produced a 20/25mm range. I use inverted comas as these are not quite 54mm, neither are many in the range! But this is a large scale box, being coded 22 (most of the large scale sets seem to be coded 22?!) and of a size somewhere between the Airfix 54mm 29 figure boxes and the Airfix H0/00 Long Box.

The 'Monsters', actually Robots from - I think - The Manzinger-Z set of Japanese Animé Characters. The white one on the right is exactly 54mm, the rest are smaller by a millimetre or two, however, being baseless, they all look smaller against true 54mm figures with bases. 25 machines to a box, softish ethylene, I hope this is all the poses, but don't know for sure and the colour variation in this one set suggests other colours to be found.

Very similar to Hong Kong copies of these robots, they state they are Greek Made? Anybody know what the various Robots are called?

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