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Sunday, March 28, 2010

L is for Lord - Of the rings! from Mithril

Long before 'Giant Works' started churning out their 'Grey Warriors' in response to Peter Jackson's having got his hands on the franchise, there was an older and relatively unsung - now - range of figures available to Role Players/War Gamers. In fact, there have been several, not all authorized, but I'm looking at these Mithril figures today!

Some second version packs with my old lose figures, the first version had the black and white map as seen in 'The Hobbit' and drawn by Tolkien, as the background rather that this colored version.

I painted these a long time ago, I hate to think when. I used to paint 'flat' colour and highlight with a fine mapping pen, something I wouldn't recommend as it was very pricey in mapping pens!

The range is still available I'm glad to say, and getting these out to photograph has given me the impetus to try and get a few more. They can be found here; Mithril Miniatures LOTR(TM) . However I'll be trying eBay for a few bargains!

Nothing too exciting here, but I thought I'd do a close-up of the unfinished girl, and maybe have a go at finishing her and the unpainted crone above, as an exercise in trying out these new ink washes I started experimenting with on the HaT chariot. Hell, might even get that finished as well!

I really like these Mithril figures and it's a pity they've semi-disappeared under the tide of Del-Prado's tsunami of chunky shite. With these the anatomy is just right, not the overblown 'Great Womble' stuff you get from 'Godawful Workshops'.

Mithril was the 'magic' Elven silver compound Bilbo's mail-shirt was made from and which he gave to Froddo.

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