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Friday, March 5, 2010

News, views etc...Plastic Warrior 136 (Feb. 2010)

The new Plastic Warrior magazine is out now, if you don't subscribe, you're missing out on;

* Plastic figures by Hong Kong companies from old Britains Hollow-casts.
* Bumper readers letters section.
* Informative 3-page follow-up to the recent 'Soldiers of the World' Article.
* Marx Mexican War figures by Debbie Stevens
* Rare Herald Farm set by Barney Brown
* Handcart Pioneers by Paul Stadinger
* A look at a near mint cardboard theatre with Cherilea Plastics included.
* Matt Thair continues his detailed overview of Cherilea 'Swoppets' with the first part of the Indians.
* An article on Airfix artwork by Jeremy Brook, editior of Constant Scale.
* The usual page of small-ads (FREE - to subsribers!).
* New product reviews on Victrix and DSG
* A page of 'What the !&*$?' needing identification/further information from readers.
* Starlux get a book review.
* And there are updates on Speedwell horses and Britains Twizzletown to finish.

Not to mention two lovely cover images. To subscribe, click on the Plastic Warrior link (Top Right)...Do it!

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