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Sunday, March 7, 2010

News, views etc...Three Column Link

I've added a link (top right) to THE best instructions for changing a two-column 'Minima' template to a three-column layout. As you may have noticed I changed mine about three weeks ago and have been 'trialing' it since, and I'm well pleased! You don't have to scroll so far down the page to find all the 'other bits'.

I would recommend the follow-up instructions, vis-a-vis column width, which are on a different page to the one I've linked to, but once you're stuck-in, it's all very clear. In the column margin instructions he gives 5 and 10px for the sidebar measurements, this left mine a bit squished, so I took his further advice and tweaked them, they are now 4px and 11px, which is what you're viewing.

Good luck if you choose to jump in, don't blame me if it all goes horribly wrong! (copy your code first into word or something, then if it all goes pear-shaped, you can restore the original settings!).

Link's here too; Three Column Blogger

He also has instructions for;

Minima Dark, left, leftystreach & Ochre
Rounders 2, 3 & 4

And you need to make sure you've got the right one or your widgets will go all over the place. My screen is now too wide in 'Layout' but a bit of scrolling to 'save' occasionally is a small price to pay.

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