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Monday, March 15, 2010

S is for Sobres by Tylers, Dunkin etc...

Another set of premiums that are hard to place - producer wise - are these soldiers, issued by various bubble-gum brands in Spain. Tyler's by Mundi and Dunkin both carrying them at one point or another and probably others. Indeed, although I only have samples of Tyler's packaging, I've seen the Dunkin bars and they are to all practical purposes the same shape/size.

The Russians, available in green or red, in summer dress (top row) or winter greatcoat. The Millionsoldiers website used to have some blue figures which I think were Russians? But the website seems to have died? I have no idea if this is all the poses, I suspect not.

The Japanese, these seem very hard to find, but then I would have said that about the others until I'd gained a few! For years I only had the man with the spade and used to think they were Afrika Korps!

The US troops. Again while I have spares, the overall size of my sample would suggest that there are still poses to locate. The influence of late production Marx and MPC dates these nicely to the early/mid 1970's!

The Tyler's/Mundi envelope and figures, all US troops but in a more garish yellow, note the third grenade throwing pose! If these yellow figures and the blue ones mentioned above are taken as Tyler's, then one could assume that the more 'realistic' colours were Dunkin, sadly it's not that simple, and will be more about batches than anything else!

Inset is a Jap who seems to be factory painted? It's unlikely he would have been a premium, out-painting would have made him prohibitively expensive from the profit point of view, so someone must have tried to market them as stand alone or boxed set figures?


Anonymous said...

the millionsoldiers website seem to be dead, but the Plasticrush website (from the same French collector) is still working. Perhaps, you may answered him about these figures ?
Best Regards,

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks. I used to have them both bookmarked, but lost everything when the laptop crashed last year, I'll check it out this evening!

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is the link of plasticrush : http://www.plasticrush.com/
Best Regards,

Maverick Collecting said...

I did look it up Jay, but he's lost the premium figures and just has a'PSR' style list of modern production without the easy navigation and without the comprehensive coverage.

And I'm already linked to PSR twice so wouldn't put something inferior up.