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Monday, March 15, 2010

U is for Unknown Cacti II

Not a lot to add, more unknown cacti, with whatever I can add to help identify them.

On the left is quite a dense ethylene or nylon/rayon plastic with a base like a medieval clipped coin! The red one is a hard plastic and I'd hazard a guess it's a cellulose-acetate, as per. the next two, these are both very similar to the Starlux one above, but neither are marked, so they could be Cleiret, Jim or some similar French company?

The one on the left is really pollarded trees, but they look quite cactus-like! Also, I suspect it is Hill under the Johillco label, but would like confirmation. The one on the right is a heavy chunk of polyethylene.

The two on the left might go together but the bases are not the same, the two in the middle are based on but not direct copies of the Cherilea cactus and both have a lozenge shaped base. Any help with any of these gratefully received and acknowledged.

These are all plug-ins. The first and third having HK type bases, but no reason to assume they ever started life in this fashion, they may have been put in the bases after damage, they are also very well detailed with spines. The one in between them has an early Cherilea 'Swoppit' type base, and could be Cherilea? The one on the far right is A) damaged and B) missing one 'branch' so you may know it as a quite different looking thing. Basically; three branches slide into three drum-shaped receivers in-line?

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