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Sunday, May 23, 2010

B is for Bedford MK by Blue Box

Having looked at the Bedford RL the other day, childhood favorite, I think we should look at its replacement, the 'MK' (which is for 'K., Military Pattern', not 'Mark'), a vehicle I have close experience of, not least, sitting in the back of them, in convoy, parked against the side of a wood on cold German nights in October while the engine fumes snuck-up from underneath, whisped through the gap between the tilt and the metal sides and induced first a bit of coughing, then sleep in the assembled squadies!

Sadly; having produced both Ambulance and GS versions of the RL, Blue Box didn't bother with the MK, choosing only to reuse the 'equipment flat-bed' of the RL on a new cab/chassis assembly. I'm sure all seven loads were available, but have yet to track down the Lone*Star inspired rocket-gun thing.

Early issues were in the bottle green of the RL's, later sets were made in an Olive-drab.

Again smaller quantities of the grey version were issued in the larger two-sided sets. The new chassis included a far better detailed wheel/tyre pattern with an integral axle - all in polyethylene, rather than the old pressed-on to metal bar arrangement which often lead to missing or wonky wheels.

A double-decked play-set with 6 windows, the figures are the 45mm versions, which is why there is an outside possibility the Sun-disk on my RL (see previous post below) might have come in a Jap version with the 45mm Japs? [It did, one went through Bonhams auctions]

Civilian versions existed as well, in this case a blister-packed carded rack-toy. Note the shipping container and packing crate are both printed, folded, card cut-outs.

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