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Thursday, May 6, 2010

News, views etc...FFL, PW Show

I've posted the Captain Gallant comic over on my Everything Collectable blog, and stuck a link to it in the original post; Below.

Plastic Warrior's 25th anniversary show is this Saturday, 8th May, I'll be there, I hope - if I make it - I'll be wearing my tatty old 'Tuskers' pink T-shirt if anyone wants to say Hi! Details are on the Plastic Warrior website, link; Above right.

The link to the 'Three Column Minima (Layout version)' wasn't working, it is now.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't make the show. Sigh. (;_;) Will you be posting any photographs of it?

Maverick Collecting said...

I've taken a couple, and I'll do a 'Sorting my horde' article in a day or two!

I also came upon some nice Imai SF kits - after I'd spent-up, so will pay in a week or two and send Bill the photo's as they belong on Moonbase!