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Sunday, July 25, 2010

F is for Follow-up

Well, after the Kinder post the other day, I had got to thinking I ought to have taken a comparison shot of Paul Revere and his alter-egos, when Scott Leach did a post over on his blog on the Marx AWI Colonial troops, which included the Paul Revere character figurine from the Johnny Tremain play-set. This was so close to the Kinder moulding I thought I'd better look up the Elastolin 'original', this post was the result!

The obvious first conclusion was that they never made a figure similar to the Kinder figure, George Washington (7080, left) was the only seated figure in the AWI range, and seems to have been produced only in the 7cm/70mm range. The horse however IS based on an Elastolin sculpt, used by the Wild West range (itself a variation of an earlier horse used by the ancient and medieval ranges), here shown on the right with a cavalry trooper.

I then discovered that I hadn't put the Culpitt's rider on the spare horse at all - he was too big, so I put a spare Airfix officer on it instead, they were in the 'waiting for a base' pile!

Top, a 40mm Elastolin horse with the kinder version to the right. Below them the full Airfix figure on the left and the Culpitt's figure to the right, while below is the Marx Paul Revere courtesy of Scott.

It would seem that the Kinder figure is in fact a combination of the two, He has the right (pointing to the rear) arm of the Marx figurine, but the left (holding reins) of the Airfix. He has the wide-collared 'cape' from Marx with the coat-tails halfway between Marx and Airfix. So in the end a quite unique figure, which ties in nicely with Airfix and other war-gaming figures of the type.

A comparison shot between the Kinder and similar chasing Blue Box 30mm cowboy, similar in that it has a 'swoppet' style base and plug-in legs on the rider. The Blue Box model is based on a Britains 54mm Swoppet original.

Many thanks to Scott for the use of the Photo, Scott's blog is here; Things you'll like, it's very good.

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