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Thursday, July 22, 2010

News, views etc...Links & Stuff

I had a bit of a session this afternoon, moving a few of the less 'toy soldiery' or more esoteric blog-links over to the Other Collectables blog, and adding a couple of new ones here, both on 1980's vinyl smallies. I've also put a nice mosaic of Schwimmwagen detail shots on the same blog, which may be of use to WWII modelers.

Sorry for the lack of posts this last couple of months, but real-world stuff is getting in the way of the internet bubble activities at the moment so just bare with me, likewise I tried to catch up with eMails and things today, but if I've forgotten you, drop me a new line!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hugh, Sean here from airfixcollecting. For more examples of those Imai Star Wars rip-offs see here:



Maverick Collecting said...

The one's I'd like to track down are the 3-legged C3P0 rip-offs!!