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Saturday, July 17, 2010

News, views etc...Plastic Warrior 138 (June 2010)

The new issue of PW is out, and OH BOY! What a treat...it's gone colour! And I mean colour, not a center-spread or something, but right the way through. Not that you needed colour to start subscribing, you've been subscribing all along huh?...Link to right! heh heh...

Anyway, to let you know what will drop through your door in the next day or two;

* Part 4 of Les Collier's Australian production.
* There's a report into the Timpo reunion party organized by Alfred Plath.
* Matt Thair continues his round-up of Cherilea with a first look at their astronauts.
* Two Britains related book reviews
* A history of Cane' of Italy by Giampiero Larizza.
* Coverage of new products from
- Weston Toy Company
- Armies in Plastic
- Paragon
- Replicants/Peter Cole
- Ivanhoe
- Barzo
* Plus all the usual news, letters and readers adds (which are FREE to subscribers remember!).

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