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Thursday, August 19, 2010

T is for Tactical Strike by Corgi

As I mentioned these in the last post I thought I'd better chuck them up here as a comparison, They are described as "The only 1:64 scale military die-cast collection", and are the same 25mm as the Monogram set from 15 years earlier.

Two sets were issued, the same six poses of generic post-Cold War US ground troops ('Grunts'), one set being painted in the green temperate combat fatigues of a USMC unit, the other; Army Infantry in desert combats.

Tied into a small vac-formed base, they have stuffed behind them an offer from Osprey, two painting guide/thumbnail sketches - also from Osprey and an introductory leaflet, who's chief novelty is a photograph of a mini-diorama which seems to include several bare-metal pre-production vehicles which never saw the light of day and an EKO or Roco M8 WWII armoured car sprayed green????

Checkin' out the check-point (actually an Airfix Desert Outpost), a close up of the 6 figures going about their business, nice figures and still readily available being only a few years old, and from the time when Corgi was churning out stuff in a mad rush to one of it's periodic bankruptcies!!

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