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Monday, August 30, 2010

T is for Tail-End

Toward the end, Starlux, looking around for ways to make a bit of extra dosh, started putting undecorated whole sprues in boxes. The boxes were double sided - artwork wise - so the various different sets could all be put in the one box.

Here we see the Foreign Legion sprue, with the side of the box that pertains to them, easy to see how you will also find sailor, marine or helmeted infantry sprues in the same pack. Likewise the Cowboys can be replaced by American Indians, I haven't seen cavalry in this size, but that's not to say they weren't available in France, they were certainly made in 54mm.


José said...

You´re allways with different things. Love it. Like this game alot. Cheers.

Maverick Collecting said...

I think your comment belongs with the post above this one?! But thanks anyway!! I've never actually played it, but hopefully - one day...

My partner, Mimi, skyped me from Bulgaria and said "You've not shown me that one before!" when she saw the post, so I think we'll be getting it out again when she returns!! make a difference from Scrabble!!!