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Sunday, September 19, 2010

News, views etc...Frogmen, Help, Blogs

I've added a picture to the frogman post of a few weeks ago, and also some identification information to some of the early 'unknown' posts from a year and a half ago.

A reader asked me a while ago if I could supply him with a list of the old 1:76 scale conversion articles in Airfix Magazine and Military Modeling, as mine are all buried in a box somewhere, I said I'd go through the annuals this weekend. I then thought/remembered that someone had produced a list, in fact - I thought it was in Terry Wise's book, but it isn't, which means I'll have to go through all the war-games books as well?! Just wondered if anyone could remember which book had the list, or, if there are any lists of such articles on the Wibbly Wobbly Way I can forward to him as a link? Any help greatly received, comment or eMail.

I am thinking of moving the Manufactures A-Z over here and closing down that otherwise superfluous blog, I don't know why I started it really, as it's images which are limited not text! Also I started with a lot of the cross references which I then failed to produce the cross-referenced list for, so even if you go there it's a bit disappointing!!! So as-and-when I will try to actually 'do' the listed companies over here and then close that one. The Airfix Figures one is still being 'built' but I'm thinking of changing the format and starting again!!! So it will be some time yet? Doh!

Dropped-by Figoblogotheque this afternoon and found a fantastic blog; Winter of '79, which has brought back all sorts of memories and mixes good scenic work/product reviews with a tongue-in-cheek look at '80's politics and the goings-on in Ambridge at the time!! Have linked to it, check out the links to the left.


Paul said...

I can see you will be very bust Hugh!

Paul said...

Umm I mean busy, t next to y on keyboard...

Maverick Collecting said...

Tell me about it! Actually it's not that bad, the A-Z lost it's way, it seemed like a good idea late one night, but with some of the click-headings leading you to three posts it was a non starter? Indeed; with the search term feature, the cross-ref's don't need a separate listing at all, I can just list them in the 'labels' and explain the connection in the text?!!

While the Airfix thing was a case of me trying to be clever and list them all chronologically, irrespective of whether they were figures or vehicles, large scale or small, all I actually need to do is change the headings and start loading copy and then limit the blog to one or two posts per page, so only the relevant ones come-up together? I'll work on it...keeps me young!!