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Sunday, September 19, 2010

T is for Talk Like A Pirate - Ooo'Ahrrr

Today, as the title suggests is International 'Talk Like A Pirate' day - Bargain!! This used to be well supported on the HaT forum, but raised nothing of import today...so as I couldn't find any obvious pirates at short notice, I've posted some 'Unknown naval kit-figures' that happened to be at hand as I'm re-sorting all the kit-figures at the moment (among other things!!) [Photograph updated to reflect Russ's comment, still need to identify the last two sub-HO figures]

Top are quite large, somewhere between 1:76 & 1:72 and from the dress could be a Spanish ship, possibly one of the Heller triptych; Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria?

Below them at approximately HO/1:86/87 scale are figures possibly from one of the Bounty models, the 'officer' looks very Cap'n Bligh to me! Or a Victory?

The third row look more like pilgrims? but could be from one of the pirate ship models which were in a smaller scale - 1:100?

Finally, this chap came with the row above, but a child with a peg-leg? seems a bit cruel to me! So he may be from a separate 1:120'ish sized model?

Any Naval model fans following this? Please comment...Yar Scumm-suckin' landlubberrrs!!!


Russ said...

I think the top figures are from the Airfix "Golden Hind", Drake's ship in 1/72.

The second group from the Airfix "Bounty" 1/87, I believe.

The third bunch are Mayflower pilgrims/crew, but I don't remember whether Airfix or Revell.

My brother and/or I had each of these when growing up.

Don't remember the one legged guy though. Thanks for the memories.


Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks Russ, pretty much in-line with my guesswork, just leaves the bottom two, however a better photograph reveals a lack of feet leading to them possibly being from the set immediately above them, still, they do look a little smaller still?

Plastic colour is the same on all, so should be Airfix...Image updated to reflect your contribution, thanks again.