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Friday, September 3, 2010

T is for Thank You

I was going to do a post on World of Warcraft tonight, new production, not common here, and follow it with the next part of the Forts we've been looking at, but two things happened to push them back one....

Some covered - plenty more still to come!

First I realized it was the 300th post since 'A is for Aurora' back in December 2008, so I felt I aught to mark it in some way, and the best way is to thank all those who have followed and/or commented since I started, it's nice to know people are even remotely interested in my wittering!!

Marx, Marksmen, Blue Box, Rado/Ri-Toys and the 'Opie purchase'
(like the Louisiana purchase but FAR more important!)

Secondly, Dave Keen over at PSR posted a link to this blog at about 11 o'clock last night, and the 180 hits a day I've been getting for the last month or so shot up to 2000 in less than 24 hours! So welcome and thank you to all the new visitors, two of whom have eMailed with kind words.

Vehicles, newer figures and 'Odds'

As I'm thanking people I'd like to thank the boys at Moonbase Central for many beneficial exchanges and putting-up with my 'silly dictionary' entries, Clive over at Vintage Wargaming who sent me a couple of really interesting early catalogues soon after I started blogging, The Philosophic Toad who's proved invaluable with help on Cereal Premiums, Ron Marshall for inviting me onto a couple of his shared blogs and the Input of Arlin Tawzer, Arto Haarala and Ron Chaisson who often point me in the right direction or add a piece of the 'bigger picture' which is what this is all about.

Larger quantities by larger makes!

As this is starting to sound like an Oscar speech!...I'll thank Paul Morhead, Peter Evans and Brian Carrick from Plastic Warrior. James Opie who sold me his entire Hong Kong small scale collection for what we both knew was half the intrinsic value and a tenth of the US eBay value! German collectors Peter Bergner and Andreas Dittman, along with Dimitri from Russia and Thanassis from Greece.

While from the UK collectors fraternity the following have been good friends, good sources of figures and/or information OR; all three! John Begg (all three and more!), John Clarke, Timpo Dave (who's now Lego Dave!), Adrien Little, Matt Thair, Barry Blood, Tony Herrington, Jan Jarzembowski, Andy Harfield, Dave Keen, Gareth Morgan and anyone I've forgotten!

One of five!

As we have new viewers at the moment, I'd stress that while I like eMails as much as the next man (when they're not telling me to pharmaceutically enhance my manhood with a Christian bank loan from Bakina Fasso before Hotmail close my account for winning to many national and international lotteries), I'd far rather you comment here, even if you think you've nothing to add, like police work it's the little snippets that produce the whole.

You'll see I use a lot of question marks, a lot of 'might, could, probably, seem to, I'm guessing, I think, it's believed...', there are thousands of companies who have produced figures and accessories for themselves or others, copied or been copied, bough-in or been bought-out by, or just disappeared and anything you can add helps. Even if you just leave a pleasantry, it's nice to know you've been through!

Company-specifics, book manuscripts, thematic lists etc...

Also like 'Liz' over on the Other Collectables blog, or 'Anon.' here who provided a nice shot of Scandinavian Space-ship dime-stores, if you have something you think I'd like to post, or you don't fancy blogging but would like to show something, get in touch and it can be added to an existing post, become part of a new post or have a post all to itself, fully acknowledged or totally anonymous, as you like it!

If there is something you don't like let me know that too, unless it's my occasional snipes at the French, that stays!

The plastic flats

If there is something you'd like to see, give me a shout, if I've got it I'll make an effort to post it as soon as I can. But ask me here or at my eMail, not on someone else's forum/blog please.

I guess now is also the time to apologise for not delivering some of the things I have said I would. Ive still got three draft pages meant for the T34 roundup I was planning in April '09! The mini-trucks I said I'd do in a few days - some months ago - are preying on my mind (and I'd like to do the HO ones by N.I.F.C. or whoever they are at the same time), the scenic and elves stuff I started to serialise sort of petered out - they are still on the work top! While I'd like to get more Renovation/Collecting/Archiving posts done, but they just aren't as interesting as more figures or tanks!

What a few hundred-thousand Hong Kong pirates look like!

So there you go, thanks to all for visiting, commenting, following, linking or just getting to the end of this self-indulgent post! I'll keep putting it up here...lets do another 300!


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