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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

News, views etc...Back and catching-up!

Pirates follow-up moved down one and expanded.

Sorry for yet another absence, but real life is not to be trifled with!...back now and lots of lovely things to come, A major collection of Early English and French plastic from the late Dennis Murray, who used to model and wrote for Military Modeling and Scale Models International, has resulted in my 54mm collection being catapulted into the 'not-half bad' category and lots of articles on classic early 50's/60's plastic will be forthcoming, both company over-views and thematic articles.

Very few vehicles in the collection, some tatty die-casts which will be on evilBay before the weekend, and three going into the collection which I will cover in a day or twenty!

Also a nice set of the larger 2-vehicle 3-colour range AFV's from Matchbox, which I might have a go at over the winter, along with an AMX from Heller which will not be made! I've only one to find from that little set/range now!

We've had more Darleks come in, ancient and modern, so we'll definitely have a Darlek round-up...very dangerous business, rounding up Darleks, you need some very heavy potato-sacks, crepe-soles and darkness!!!

Also - I think I've covered all the comments made during my absence, so check your's if you were looking for a reply.

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