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Monday, October 25, 2010

News, views etc...Central Toy Soldier Show

Dave McKenna's 20th Central Toy & Model Soldier Show in Birmingham is more than on the horizon, it's less than a week away!

Usual mix of Metal and plastic, trade and private sellers, nice venue with cafe, and within 5 minutes walk of the city center. One of my favorite shows, and for plastics, one of the 'big three' with PW's Richmond and PB Toy's Herne.

Sunday 31st October 2010
The Clarendon Suite, 2 Stirling Road Edgbaston, (just off the Hagley Road)

Free Parking

For other details and late availability of tables (none left) contact; Mr McKenna on telephone number: 0121 628 1397

Email: patanddave76@yahoo.co.uk

I'll be in my increasingly holey 'Tuskers' T-shirt if you want to come over and have a chat, say Hi or winge about my approach to the military history of France!

Table prices were £30 ( but they're all booked), standing room only for traders and LOTS of bargains for buyers...so try and get up there!!

Entry Times;
Doors open 10.30 - 4pm

£4 adults
£3 concessions (Children and OAP's)


Paul´s Bods said...

PB Toys is there as well!! I will be going to thier Plasticsoldier event in Herne in a couple of weeks..small world eh?
When you say you are a gardener...do you mean you work as one?

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes, hence the gardening blog which has become a wildlife blog??!

I'll be missing Herne (that's three in a row...boohoo!) But as you say he'll be in B'Ham, along with Mercator, PTS, the Weston's and many others (King and Country, if you like your metal solid and 60mm!).

It's a good little show and I find the prices are lower than Richmond or Herne, and those Midlanders find a lot of good stuff at the car-boots locally between shows!

Our Southern Car-boots have been picked clean for years!!

Paul´s Bods said...

Brilliant!!:-) I am also a 46 year old gardener (shortly to be 47)I´d love ot come to brumm, know it well but time and money...Have you ever been to Herne? It´s just up the road from me.

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes, between 2006/8 I went to 5 out of the six show's but haven't been since we moved here.

We always stay at the Park Hotel, and if the restaurant has a function on, we can walk down to the Imbis in the town center, which brings back memories of Berlin, I can tell you! "Zwei brattie mitt pomes fritz und mayo bitter!"

It's a lovely place, clean, green and well laid out, one gets the impression it was built as a post-war dormitory-town for the 'management' class of the surrounding Ruhr? A quarter of the size of Guildford but with twice the facilities!!

Paul said...

It's a shame I will miss this. I would have loved to hear some more of the true history of France.

You could always just post some more comments on your blog...Its always a laugh.

Maverick Collecting said...

Well, of course - yesterday was the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, we gave him ('Frenchie') one of his best Spankings that day!!

It was also the annivesery of the Second Battle of Cape Finisterre (no, neither had I!) when our navy... you guessed it!

It's begining to look as if every day is a 'Spank the French Day' in history!!