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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

W is for Webbing

Another update of the Royal, Loyal, German, American! This time he gets armed and dangerous! 60th Rifles are go!

A collage showing the file of paper and card oddments, the three sheets selected (two neutral 'linen' colours and a black for the Rifles belts and straps) and in the main picture the little strips cut ready, using both the Airfix template and the Chappell artwork as a guide, cut longer they will be trimmed down as I work on them.

By the numbers;

1) Waist belt, rifle sling and two 'webbing' traps cut ready for use. The waist belt and rifle sling have been dampened (I just lick both sides) and are being shaped.

2) The ends are folded over two pieces of fine wire, to make the sling-swivels. Old motor windings will produce nice workable wire in copper, bronze and brass finishes (although I think this came from a shaped-wire Christmas decoration of a basket/star thing?) while phone line gives steel wire and fuse-wire and solder provide very soft 'steel' wire in several thicknesses. Thicker wire in brass or steel finish comes from power flex, while stiff (tensile) steel wire can be bought from music shops as piano wire or guitar string. Finally; model shops have a selection of stiffer brass finish wire/rod and the same steel wires sold in music shops.

3) Once the superglue has set, the wire is folded round and over itself and trimmed-off. The joins will face the figure where they won't be seen by the casual observer.

4) Shaped and ready to fit, again a second damping helps, it actually looked exactly how I wanted it to look at this stage, slightly falling forward in line with the angle of the weapon and the effect of gravity.

5) By the time I'd mucked about with it for five minutes, damped it again, had it fall off, re-glued it and then 'set' it with a painting of superglue, it had lost the 'perfect' shape, but was still OK.

6) The finished strap against the un-worked off-cut. The coat of superglue gives a dirty/sweaty, 'used' colour and a bit more texture.