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Saturday, April 30, 2011

AV - for the last time, but it seems to matter?

Did anyone hear Lord Owen begging for a 'No' vote on the Radio this morning?

This man believes in Proportional Representation (PR) and thinks that a No vote for AV will result in an imminent vote for PR. The same man who ruined the Liberals for a generation and helped contribute to Labour's 20 years in the wilderness, yet - still thinking he has a superior faculty of judgement.

He has done more damage to political life in this country in recent memory than any other citizen bar the other three members of the 'Gang of Four'...one of whom was - if memory serves - a Televisual 'presenter', it says all you need to know about politics and the 'Ruling Class' in Britain for the last 35-odd years! And he got a Peerage!

Vote in the AV referendum, get out, and get your friends and neighbours out, Vote 'Yes' to save us from ourselves!

Or we will get the system we 'deserve'...a complacent, destructive, disinterested system lacking humanity and barely fit for purpose…


IM said...

Is it possible that you are confusing the 'Gang of Four' who launched the SDP with the 'Gang of Five' that launched TV-am at approximately the same time? No televisual personalities in the first lot; quite a few in the second.

Both lots crashed and burned in fairly short order of course.

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes - It is very likley!