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Friday, May 20, 2011

Tulips in containers

Sometimes it takes a while for a plan to come together, especially in the garden, and while the second set of photos were taken with Giles’s camera, which I seem to be using more than him these days! (Thanks Giles), the early one's are taken with the failing Finepix (buy something else...I can recommend a Casio Exilim!)

These were planted in November (19th), after I'd emptied the old soil out, well, soil is a bit of a misnomer for the collection of sandy-mud and polystyrene twists! Planted 4/5 inches down and equally spaced on a bed of compost/leaf-mould and soil mixed with a little ash from the bonfire.

Then you just sit back and wait...

...untill the 26th April

As well as the two pots on the stairs I also replanted the end boxes of a retaining wall, (the maroon ones were already in there, and although planted deeper, came first and are just finishing in the upper-right shot.

It's pure luck that the middle one in the pot grew taller than the four outer ones, almost makes you think I know what I'm doing huh?!!

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