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Monday, June 13, 2011

L is for Lone*Star

After all that very small scale stuff the other day, here’s a bit of 54mm from the Autumn purchase of last year, and continues the ‘theme du jour’; that occasion - one hundred and fifty years ago - when two halves of a Nation only 90-odd years old itself, decided to have a little discussion about the doctrines of Nationhood, Citizenship, tax and er…slavery…“Yeah! Let’s wrap it all up in ‘Slavery’!”

This is my rather pathetic sample of Lone*Star ACW figures, well; I have only been collecting larger scales for a couple of years, and money’s been tight!

Four Confederates in reasonable condition, paint on the trousers of the first one will lead to an update sometime, but as it’s a different shade, it stays for now. Inset is a 60mm figure from Crescent to show how these two companies went with a very similar paint scheme.

Might I also suggest that the sculptor (Erik or Revere/Riviere?) used a Britains ‘Swoppet’ Cowboy head as part of his master sculpt for the running-waving-hat figure? He is far more detailed than the other faces, and looks vaguely familiar.

The only Union figure I have happens to be the only pose I don’t have in Confederate garb (the two sets were the same 8 poses, in either grey or navy blue plastic), while the officer is a repaint on a confederate-grey figure.

The next two have been converted to high-boots with filler, a knife and paint, while the last figure is actually a Lone*Star Foreign Legionnaire, a set whose poses mirror the ACW.

Inset are examples of the helmeted and bereted Infantry to show how L*S liked to stick with favoured poses across the whole range.


Monty said...

:) no problem at all, I have a half-painted box of (excellent) -Perry ACW bods and WILL finish them...;)

Maverick Collecting said...

Just poped over to your site, will link to it when I get more time...I loved the Volg thing as well, I got 2000AD from the start and chucked them all away at the end of the winter term! Now I start with a rather tatty Prog 35! What an idiot!!