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Friday, August 26, 2011

Enviromental Health - They think not!

A friend of mine had been having a bit of bother with his Employer/Landlord (?) and turned (as you might imagine we all would)...to the local authority who have a statutory duty in these matters. Only it turned out they don't really, in fact as long as we keep paying them their salaries, they'll do as little as they can

This is what his bedroom looks like, and has done for some time, he brought it to the attention of the home-owners solicitors some 5 months ago, but it still looks like this and he still sleeps on the Sofa.

So he got in touch with the council and was told someone would get back to him on Monday, FOUR weeks latter he got a letter telling him they were assuming everything was OK and that if they didn't hear from him in a day or two they'd close the case. Furious phone-call later and he had an appointment for the middle of the next week, where he was told someone from 'eevee' would ring him the next week.

Someone did on the Monday, she said she'd get back to him by the middle of the week. She didn't! Sometime on the Friday (in office hours) he rang to find out what was happening, only to get the 'We've all gone-off for the weekend, try again Monday' message, he left a message alright, it produced a phone-call first thing the following Monday with an assurance that they would ring him by Wednesday...

...without the promised call he got this from Sue on the Thursday. Has she earned her money, do you think? Perhaps if we sack a few of these useless jobsworths we could keep a few mobile Library's going, so vulnerable people in outlying areas can get help finding books that might tell them how to get stuff done when the people tasked with doing so by legislation fail to.

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