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Thursday, August 18, 2011

J is for Just a quick one!

The library have updated their computers and I can now see my 'followers' for the first time since December, along with all the images on Paul's Bod's and Figabulary both of which have been closed to me for some time...still can't comment on a bunch of blogs though!

So welcome and thanks for linking/following, I will check-out all the new blogs, sort out links etc...soon but other crap keeps me away from all this still...although...Dum Dum DUM!...my total has barely changed, so a few people must have dropped-off the bottom, there's only a toy-free Hell below the bottom-rung chaps! You should have held on tighter, consider what you're missing; a gobby Aspergers retard who thinks he knows a bit about soldiers...what else could anyone want?

I see we're not far-off the magic 100,000 views so having missed the fifty, same rules as the 30,000; First to send me a screenshot of their being the viewer on the page with 100,000 will get something nice, but I don't know what yet...or when (and the event itself is weeks away still), possibly a mint Airfix first version ACW Artillery set boxed on sprue? Or a handful of Speedwell Germans for a large scale collector? (scroll to the bottom of the page and if it says 100000, hit Ctrl/Prtscn, together and save on prompt to where you want - desktop etc...or you can open a word doc. or pub. and paste).

Thanks to Philotoadia for sending me a lovely rubber Dalek, and to a German guy who has sent me some Bubble-gum premium stuff to publish here (which I will do hopefully in three or four weeks), can he check his email and get back to me, I need to know who to credit!

Also I haven't forgotten Pam the cellulose Lady in Wales (I have some animals for you), and Ken - your Ist version Airfix Attack Force tanks are still there with your name on them (I carved it in with a hot knife...hey; they're OLD, I didn't think you'd mind!!!!!) (wink-ani)

About two weeks ago there was a fascinating article over on the Moonbase with the Rafael Lipkin Conqueror and Transporter on an old Littlewood's catalogue page, along with what I assume were two other RLL friction-motor trucks, supplied with Lone*Star crewmen...worth checking out over there.

Premiums in a week or so, Berlin Wall stuff over at other collectable in - hopefully - a few days, and lots of opinion after 2 September! Lots...Burning city's, jailed scrotes, usless politicians, tax-evasion and venal millionaires to name but a few subjects in my sights...oh yeah...and I've been officially declared a retarded genius (very liberating - I can report)!


Paul´s Bods said...

I´m still here mate :-D
Is there such a thing as a mint ACW Airfix artillery set ??? That I´d like to see, not for real you understand, just a piccy. I´ve been slacking lately anyway, my quest to paint every Airfix figure set has come to a stand still...not due to lack of figs..but just..er?..it came to a stand still. :-D
I´ll have to give mayself a boot up the backside.

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Paul

I knew you were there, I just couldn't look at your pictures!

Did you ever get more on Wussolin with a D!

Will try to get the Artillery on the Airfix page in the next few weeks...


Maverick Collecting said...

Putting them over on the Airfix blog now...

Maverick Collecting said...

Updated the photo's and added the
Montaplex and some other bits...