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Monday, October 17, 2011

H is for Hong Kong, Part 2 - ABC

The real reason for this set of posts coming into being, as I was researching the Mini-trucks posted above, I came across these guys and decided to try and sort out all my 'marked' copies of early British makes large scale figures.

ABC seem to be the commonest of the various makes, although as their figures are of the poorest quality, it may just be that their commonness is due to late production leading to more survivors?

The comparison with a Britains Swoppet original shows how mush of a size loss the copies suffer from, this could be down to re-sculpting (or 'copy-sculpting') rather that pantographing. Also a base mark close-up showing the diamond design with ABC within it.

They also copied the Swoppet Knights, I only have the one, and no weapon, but I've seen crude copies of Britains weapons in my mates spares box, so guess that's them then! Also note again the size loss compared to an original.

Their 8th Army figures were taken from Timpo and Crescent, and are very small at about 45mm. They have dropped the pack from the Timpo donor and added a beret, again suggesting sculpting from life rather than pantographing?

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