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Monday, October 17, 2011

H is for Hong Kong, Part 3 - CM, CMV, HK

Again in this last group there are similarities and differences that may or may not indicate links?

Three cowboys from 'CM' which I suspect is the same company as CMV, with a close-up of the base marking; an M contained withing a larger C.

CMV copies of the Britains Herald American Civil War figures, Marx Pirates and more Britains Cowboys, again with a base-mark close-up. The pirates don't have the release-pin holes the other two examples do.

HK copies of Timpo 8th Army along with Britains American Civil War figures and Cowboys. A comparison with a Timpo original radio operator reveals how much smaller these copies of copies ended up!

The way the HK is placed within the circle could link it to CM, but the use of a circle in trademarks is so common that it isn't much of a link.

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