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Monday, October 17, 2011

M is for Midgetoy, Metal and Martians!

Fresh from the Chicago show, I nearly bought these the other day, but Adrien of Mercator Trading (link to the right of the blog page) let me photograph them instead, so another plug for him!

Best thought of as a rival for Tootsietoy, I know little about the firm, but these are around the right size for 25mm figures and so sum-up the designs of the future that were so current in the past! I've seen the blue 'balloon-car' before but the sedan is new on me, and while it is a bit paint-chipped is still in overall good condition for its age.

The odd thing is, although they are die-cast mazac, they follow the production style of slush-castings, this is a very American thing, over here we were putting bases on our die-casts quite early, while across the pond they continued with the hollow underside design for some time.

O'brien points out [Collecting Toys - Krause publishing] that they were blister-packing very early, but then the Hong Kong guy's were blister-packing years before Airfix got their Toy Industry award for 'innovative packaging'!!

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