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Monday, October 17, 2011

M is for Mini-trucks, Part 4 - 2/3 Hybrids and Type 3

The line-up again, the Type 3 is not quite as much of a step smaller than the 2/3's than the picture suggests.

Type 2/3 Hybrid A (may post-date 2/3B)

Type 2 detailing, nearer Type 3 size
Soft polyethylene plastic
Steel axles, black ethylene wheels
No windows
Plug-ins green, smaller cab, narrower body
48mm long

Type 2/3 Hybrid B (may predate 2/3A, seems to have replaced Type 2A)

Type 2 detailing, nearer Type 3 size
Soft polyethylene plastic
Steel axles, black ethylene wheels (same as 2A and 2B, sensible length)
No windows
Marked with small ‘HONG KONG’ across cargo-bed
Plug-ins articulated with ovoid-headed pintle, green with white insert for searchlight
48/9mm long
Set – US ARMY ATTACK FORCE (Woolbro, 1968)

Type 3

Soft polyethylene plastic, loss of detail to rear-bed which is wider than cab
All plastic black ethylene ‘ring’ wheel/axle mouldings
No windows
Marked with circular ‘MADE IN HONG KONG’ across cargo-bed
Smaller vehicle, multi-coloured plug-in bodies and loads, civil only (?)
46mm long
Sets - (probably Christmas Crackers or Gum-ball machines)

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