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Monday, October 17, 2011

M is for Mini-trucks, Part 6 - Types 5, 6 and 7 (all known)

The final line-up of these little trucks, for which - as if you haven't guessed - I have a real soft-spot for, they were everywhere when I was a kid...and you can still get them!

Type 5

Soft polyethylene plastic
All plastic black ethylene ‘ring tyred’ wheel/axles
Marked with very small sized ‘MADE IN HONGKONG’ across cargo-bed
Quite clean design, smaller still, green plug-ins
40mm long

Type 5/6 Hybrid’s A and B

Windows gone again, Type 4 or 5 detailing, type 6 size
Soft polyethylene plastic bodies (both sub-types)
Steel axles, black ethylene wheels (Hybrid A)
All plastic black styrene wheel/axles (Hybrid B)
Various markings in various positions
Good design, smaller still, bodies similar to Type 2E’s (ABC) and may be smaller version of same makers work (?), black plug-ins
42mm (built-up bodies), 38mm (Jeep) and 37mm (plug-in cargo-bedded vehicles)
Sets –
MOTOR CARS (Hybrid A, with Merit/Manurba/Hausser civil copies)

If you take the bridge off the ferry, it can instantly become a larger-scale vehicle raft, to take your twin PzIV ray-gun across the great grey-green greasy Limpopo!

Type 5/6 Hybrid’s A
and B - sets - continued;
LANDING CRAFT SET/L.S.T 62 (Hybrid B, harbor/river-ferry)

A fuller line-up of military and civilian body-types and plug-ins for the Type 5/6 A's with steel axles from various angles.

The odd thing is that while there is are dedicated 'one-off' box/office/communication shack and tanker bodies in the military series, they made plug-in box and tanker bodies for the civil series?

Type 6A

Soft polyethylene plastic
All plastic black ethylene wheel/axles (similar to Type 2D)
Marked with neat ‘MADE IN HONG KONG’ across cargo-bed
Smaller still, green, black or silver plug-ins
36mm long

Sets – ‘Lucky Bags’ (mid-1980’s-mid-1990’s) and the above gum-ball / capsule / vending machine containers

Type 6B (green - above)

Soft polyethylene plastic
All plastic black ethylene wheel/axles (similar to Type 2D/6A)
No windows
Marked with large neat ‘HONG KONG’ across cargo-bed
Loss of detail from 6A, silver plug-ins
35/36mm long

Type 7 (contemporary, multicoloured - above))

Soft polyethylene plastic
All plastic black ethylene ‘ring’ wheel/axles
No windows
Marked with small uneven ‘HONG KONG’ across cargo-bed
Smallest yet, various colours, civil vehicles only with plug-in body types
28mm long, some 30mm with load-overhang
Sets –
Lucky Bags’ (mid-1980’s-mid-1990’s)
Budget Christmas Crackers (to present)
Gum-ball machines (1980’s)

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