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Friday, October 14, 2011

News, Views, Etc...


I don't know what happened to the totaliser, it was 290-odd to go one minute and only 62 views the next...I will have to find out whether the problem is with the counter provider or with Google/Blogger/Adsense. I suspect the latter, the two posts on Eko below have taken ages to get right and all down to the 'improvements' blogger has been making.

In the meantime, anyone who was so incensed by the sudden zeroing they took a screen capture to send with a stiff message, before calming down and not doing (because no one complained - you lovely people!), send it to me anyway and the capture nearest to 000,001 will get the prize.

If not it will have to be held-over until I get it reset, which will make it 100,500'ish, and I'll give it to the 101,000th screen capture?

Sorry, but out of my hands!

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