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Saturday, October 15, 2011

News, Views etc...Images and Blogger

I've noticed when checking back at home on my oh-so-slow Vodaphone dongle that the images of the last three posts done at the library are appearing in some new all-together on a page format. This means they don't load as large as they could/should/might, and seems to be yet another piece of unwanted 'functionality' added by Blogger this summer without notice or reason.

For those who are not that familiar with the Wibbly-Wobbly-Way; If you hover over them and right-click your mouse then click on Open Link or; Open Picture, you will get the image full size. Clicking on them in the new format page just moves to the next one without enlarging the one you want to!

Again; anyone know how to stop all these Div's and P's from forming themselves automatically in the coding between paragraphs and images every time you change the view from Edit to Compose to Save to Preview and back again (my record is fifteen /div's in a row - after the last full stop!).

I've seen it said on a forum somewhere that it's because I've changed to a three column design, but I've noticed it happening to people who stuck with their original two column format so that's bollocks! And it happens in (single column) Edit, long before you load it into the full layout?

Here's another one; the new Blogger advanced editor doesn't carry the same colours as the old one! Do I carry-on with the old editor until they retire it one day without notice or find all the khaki-green bits and change them...Aaaarrrrhhhhhh!

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