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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

H is for Havent

The Minimodels plant in Havent, near Portsmouth is responsible for lots of the figures that turn up in mixed lots of small scale and the hand of Stadden with his angular folds is everywhere in the sculpting. These are mostly more game playing pieces, but there is a Spot-On 'Tommy-spot' figure or two as well.

Some of these and some of the Wild West and - forthcoming - Spanish Gold figures were saved from the factory by either Brian Knight (artist on the Lettraset/Patterson Blick rub-down booklets) or David Pomeroy, all came into my possession before I met Brian, so I don't know who saved what, but thanks to both of them for having the foresight.

Triang's game Helmsman provides the little yacht with a plug-on base at the back, the divers are from the 'Underwater Battle from Thunderball' James Bond tie-in board game, with all air-tanks missing, the painted one is from an actual game, the other two are factory samples.

The 40mm Guardsman is from the Rolls Royce by Spot-On, one of six on the grey plinth-like bases the Tommy-spot figures had. The two cartoon characters obviously come from a board game aimed at younger players, I don't recognise the characters, not do I know from where in Lines/Mettoy/Corgi or Triang/Spot-on/Pedigreee empire the game will be found.

The other figure with the similar base I did find in a Corgi (or Spot-on?) catalogue and I had his name and everything, but it's lost in the depths of a shipping container!! Although he looks like a Diddy-man, he was in fact a mascot for whichever catalogue or product it was? His sloppy shoe-painting points to an outpainters guide/master rather than an issued piece [See comments for all three names].

The Sweeny was a popular TV series with a spin-off movie or two here in the UK, and these are from the Omnia game of the same name. Taken from the Tommy-spot range, but given sensible bases there are two each of the photographed figures in a full set.

Unpainted Subbuteo, possibly just undecorated samples, but might be from a board game, the player on a conventional base pointing to the latter, but there was a 'sub' warming up in one of the accessory sets I think?

It's almost certainly through Waddington's and their connection to Subbuteo and the factory at Tunbridge Wells that Stadden came to do all this sculpting for the Havent works. He was already known for his sports trophy figures as much as his military work.

Couple of scans of old film-camera shots I took years ago giving a different angle to the Triang/Almark figures I posted the other night.

Next I'll look at the Spaniards...


Anonymous said...

The Diddiman is Mr Periwinkle Pennybrix, and was included in some of the Pennybrix construction sets.

I'm less certain about the two "cartoon characters" but they might also be associated with Pennybrix, not a board game. (The bases look very similar to Mr periwinkle's.)

I do recall there was a Fox character ... "Renald"? And there was a mole called "Mortimer" who was a postman and was included with the Pennybrix set which had all the bricks for his post van.

I am surprised those two aren't painted like Mr Periwinkle. But maybe they never were. I have a vague idea both those characters were later additions to the sets, so maybe by then they had given up on painting the figures.

Anonymous said...

I remember .... The Fox was called "Freddie Fox".

Maverick Collecting said...

Periwinkle! That's it, there were trains as well I think; clockwork. I have a few pennybrix somewhere, I'll get them all reunited.

They are only unpainted as they are samples rather than issued product.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh .... that explains it. I was so convinced my Mortimer Mole WAS painted when I had him. Quite a relief to know my memory isn't playing tricks on me. How lovely to own those samples. Just a little bit envious here.

I have some Pennybrix too. If (and it's a BIG "if") they are get-at-able, I'll take some pics. I have most of Freddie Fox's tractor (thanks to a super guy at the SWORD blog). The box has a "story" on it involving Freddie, if the aforementioned memory isn't feeding me porkies.

DeWe said...

I have some Pennybrix bricks from a house set and a printed story booklet, if you're interested in making me an offer.

Email me at dewex dot limited at gmail dot com.

Hugh Walter said...

Hi DeWe, thanks for the offer but I don't really collect stuff beyond the figural, I do have a small bag of Pennybrix as a 'sample', but I'm not looking for more!