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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

H is for Heinrichsen

Right, after all that crappy old text-only stuff imported from the now defunct 'manufacturers listings' blog, I better load something to look at before I climb the wooden hill to bed'fordshire! Those waiting for Detail Germans will have to wait a little longer, I haven't sorted the images out yet.

I bought this the other day, it's a late set in a cardboard box, the earlier ones being in thin wooden oval containers. The box is OK, it has an English label over-stuck and some dealers illegible scribbling but is solid and seems to contain the right packing straw. However I'm not so sure of the contents, it's supposed to be a medics set, yet contains only casualties (one of whom is definitely dead!) and er...two cows!

And they are just the pieces that seem to be Heinrichsen (same bases/paint), there are a whole bunch of more problematical figures (below), while there are no medics, doctors, surgeons or nurses?

The other contents of the set; Top left is a Heinrichsen from the base, but not needing or being a medic he must be from another set, likewise the tree seems to be Heinrichsen but is a bit tropical methinks?

Top right and bottom middle both seem to be home-painted castings, possibly home-cast (heavy bases), but they aren't as chunky as most home-casts, so they may be modern - badly painted - castings from old Nuremberg moulds? Whatever they are - they are 7YW/30YW/French-Indian/New-world Colony Insurgency period, not Napoleonics!

The two Jager/Light Infantry are nice figures but clearly don't belong in the box either, so I think it's fair to say what I have is a box of floor-sweepings...but they are all nice examples (except the home painting) and will go on the foam-boards I use to keep these flats pristine. The four guys who have seen action (Austro-Hungarians?) will stay in the box, the cows will get a note and mental question-marks, and I'll look out for some medics!!

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