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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A is for Almark

Almark Model Products Ltd.

They were also primary importers to the UK of the Armtec range of accessories from the USA. Charles Stadden was the sculptor, and cross-over exists with Triang/Lines, Waddington’s and others through the apparent use of the Minimodels plant in Havant, Hampshire for the production of the ranges, upon their demise; Micro-Mold took over marketing of the Armtec range.

WD Series’ 20mm figures Carded sets
WD-1 - British Infantry 1939-45 (as Tri-ang battle game figures, without spigots on bases)
WD-2 - British Infantry Weapons 1939-45 (Some the same as Tri-ang battle game figures, without spigots on bases) Bagged sets
WD-1 - British Infantry 1939-45 (as Tri-ang battle game figures, without spigots on bases)
WD-2 - British Infantry Weapons 1939-45 (Some the same as Tri-ang battle game figures, without spigots on bases) White-metal Range 20mm (5 figures, carded;later 20-odd figures boxed)
WD-201 - Panzer Grenadiers kneeling firing
WD-202 - Panzer Grenadiers throwing grenades
WD-203 - Panzer Grenadiers MG34 lying firing
WD-204 - Panzer Grenadiers advancing
WD-205 - Panzer Grenadiers standing with machine pistol
WD-201/205 - Panzer Grenadiers (One each of the above)
WD-206 - Panzer Paratroopers NCO with MP38
WD-207 - Panzer Paratroopers MG34 gunner
WD-208 - Panzer Paratroopers kneeling firing
WD-209 - Panzer Paratroopers advancing
WD-210 - Panzer Paratroopers MP38 firing from hip
WD-206/210 - Panzer Paratroopers (One each of the above)
Almark Kits (54mm plastic figures, ex-Mini-Models sets, unpainted on runner)
No 1. - German Panzer Grenadiers 1939-1945
No. 2. - japanese Infantry 1939-1945
No. 3. - US Army Infantry 1943-1945
Century Series 54mm figures (Plastic figures, metal accessories)
Kit № 101 - German Army 1939-45 5cm l.gr.W36 light mortar and crew
Kit № 102 - German Army 1939-45 Pz.B39 7.62mm anti-tank rifle and crew
Kit № 103 - German Army 1939-45 MG34 light machine-gun and crew
Wehrmacht Series 54mm figures (metal figure with metal accessories)
No. W1 - Waffen-SS Panzer Grenadier
No. W2 - Army Officer
No. W3 - Waffen-SS Drum-Major
Almark tank/AFV transfer sheets (water-slide type)
T.1 - Africa Corps Emblems
T.2 - Africa Corps Emblems
T.1/2. - Africa Corps Emblems
T.3. - German Army Crosses 1939-45
T.4. Alamein sheet
T.8. - US national markings and numbers
T.9. - German Panzer divisions and vehicle classification signs
T.10. - Panzer division markings and warning signs
T.11. - Panzer division emblems
T.13. - Airborne and infantry divisions
T.14. - Russian Tank markings
T.15. - Arms of service signs
T.16. - Arms of service signs
T.S.1 – Wittman’s Tiger, Russian and Normandy front
F.1 - Confederate flags for 20mm figures (Self-adhesive vinyl)
F.2 - American Civil War Union flags for 20mm figures (self-adhesive coated paper)


Anonymous said...

I've still got a few of the Century Series sets. The figures are plastic - from the Panzer Grenadier box set - and the helmets , weapons and accessories are white metal.

Hugh Walter said...

Happy to be proved wrong 'Anonymous' email me a picture, if you like, and I'll put it up here!


Hugh Walter said...

Received and replied Alex...thanks.

He's right you know! Post/list adjusted accordingly!

Hugh 'proved wrong' Walter!