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Thursday, December 1, 2011

J is for Jackson; Steve Jackson

Now that I'm semi-homeless and meandering between various points Southeast as the spirit takes me/the tolerance levels of friends and family allow - normal service may well be surpassed!! - I won't be fighting two legal cases while...yeah; that's all for the other blog! Anyway, within days of placing my entire collection in storage, I was already adding to the 'Master Reference Collection'!!

Checking out some old haunts (Esdevium Games - new owners, new name and the shop seems smaller?) after a few years in the wilds of West Berkshire; I found these little horrors.

Now I thought I'd covered the card figures of Steve Jackson right back at the start of this blog, but he's not on the tag list so maybe I didn't, although the format did evolve quite a lot in the first few months, and I didn't tag as well as I try to now!

Anyway; he/they're now making little PVC figurines around 28mm for a specific game of theirs, but still paintable and usable with other games/systems, then they give them away free, in sixes, with a relatively inexpensive Steve Jackson plastic bag!

There is a Munchkin 'Babe' of hideous allure, and a bog-standard munchkin with an Orc-b-gone chainsaw and a hammer borrowed from Thor himself...probably...hummm....get them before they're gone!

Meanwhile I'll try to have an evening re-tagging some of the early posts...


peter said...

I recognize a lot of things you're showing on your blog. It's bring me back to the time when I was a child!

And welcome to my blog!


Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Peter, glad you're getting something from it...I was very impressed with the work on your's. Loved the trench system...oh!; to have the time and space!

I think I linked to you a while ago, but I had a session of re-following the other night as Blogger seem to have deleated my 'follows' during their destructive upgradeing back in the summer!

peter said...

Thanks! But the trench system is not mine. It's just a few pictures I took on CRISIS in Antwerp this year. But I agree it's impressive.