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Sunday, December 11, 2011

News Views Etc...

Well, I said I'd be getting thematic and the two posts below (Household Cavalry and Almark) are from the HC box and the Triang/Minimodels/Omnia box, so more of the two subjects in the coming days as I've dragged them both back from the storage unit, I've also got the Zang box for Paul Morehead over at Plastic Warrior to look at so I'll be putting some quality composition on here in a day or five.

I also updated the Almark and Silverlit text-only imports I loaded on here the other night, and added a text only on Armtec as it ties in vaguely with Almark - immediately below.

I've updated all links to other blogs in and out, as Blogger seems to have lost half my links to other people back in the summer when they were 'improving' things. I've also dropped the AdSense, complete waste of time with traffic at the levels you get on a collectors site, and makes the page slow to load for anyone without Broadband, anyone on dial-up, anyone with a mobile-Internet dongle etc...The Internet - like 'Western' Civilization - seems to be coming to a slow halt!!!

As stated the other night, the Manufacturers A-Z blog (which never really got started) is no more and all the relevant entries are now here with their tags in the index, and a more general cross-reference list is starting to take shape at the bottom of the page, this will not just be cross references here, but all the cross references you might come across in the hobby, helping with research, google searches etc...it will take a while to get to a useful size though, so be patient please - I'll 'News, Views' when it gets major additions/updates.

If anyone can think of anything else I can do to improve the blog let me know, I'm 41% into my Image allowance, so you've got about 4 more years of my pontificating to look forwards too!!!

Cheers - H


Gog said...

Hi Maverick! About the 41% image allowance, there's a very fast solution to reset your counter. After just one or two months, I was over 10% and I read about this: You have to register Google+; with that, you don't get extra storage (1 GB), but every pic below 2048px x 2048px won't count on that percentage. In my case, it reduced the % to absolute 0.

You're not constrained to used google+, I just let it stay.

Here's more about it: http://9to5google.com/2011/07/01/picasas-storage-limits-thanks-to-google/

Best Regards!

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks for that Juan, I'm not sure it'll help me much as a lot of my stuff is Highish resolution, and the collages are all quite big (I've used them to get round the limit a bit as a collage with four 8mp images seems to end up useing about two pictures worth of 'limit'!!) but I'll read-up the link and have a go...

Cheers H