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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O is for Orion (and Dark Dream Studios)

This has been imported from 'Boring Blog' (which I will close down) and may have images or other text added in the future. Already needs updateing, best place to go is PSR, link to left in bloglist.

Orion/Dark Dream Studio
Dark Dream range
72001 -
72002 - Landsknechts (Sword/Arquebus)
72003 - Pilots of the First World War
72004 - Landsknechts (Pike)
72005 - European knights
Orion Range
72001 - English Pirates
72002 - Chechen Rebels
72003 - Modern Russian Federals
72004 - Vikings
72005 - Gladiators
72006 - Roman Sailors
72007 - Polish Winged Hussars
72008 - Roman Siege Troops
72009 - Boxer Rebellion
72010 - Turkish Janissaries
72011 - Red 1st Cavalry
72012 - Modern Israeli Army [still only ‘announced’, true to mid-2010]
72013 - Ukrainian Foot Cossacks and Artillery
72014 - Cossack Cavalry
72015 - Medieval Siege Engines Part 1
72016 - Medieval Siege Engines Part 2
72017 - Volkssturm
72018 - German Paratroopers
72019 - Medieval Siege Troops
72020 - Turkish Cavalry [still only ‘announced’, true to mid-2010]
72021 - Parthian Heavy Cavalry
72022 - Assyrian Rams
72023 - Assyrian Siege Tower
72024 - Scythian Cavalry
72025 - Scythian Infantry
72026 - Basmachi
72027 - Byzantine Infantry
72028 - Slavic Warriors
72029 - Early Rus Warriors
72030 - Khazar Army
72031 - Rus Foot Knights (Druzhina)
72032 - Kievan Rus Infantry
72033 - Rus Mounted Knights [still only ‘announced’, true to mid-2010]
72034 - Cumans (Polovets) and Pechenegs [still only ‘announced’, true to mid-2010]
72035 - Iberian Infantry [still only ‘announced’, true to mid-2010]
72036 - Soviet Tankmen and Crew (Summer Campaign Dress), [still only ‘announced’, true to mid-2010]

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