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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Q is for Quaker Oats Breakfast Cereals

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Quaker Oats
The U.K. arm of this multi-national carried two lots of 1:76 scale figures in the 1970’s, both sets were issued in 'Sugar Puffs' and possibly 'Oat Crispies' (Now called 'Oat Crisp'), and in the case of the Gladiators; have been falsely attributed to Kellogg’s and Nabisco Foods. Dates are unknown; exact contents of each promotion are also unknown - memory serves that the Gladiators were issued as two foot or one mounted, see entry below for thoughts on the Airfix combat troops.
Possibly made by Hilco’s plastics division (or late Cherilea who ended up with the Hilco moulds), going purely on the plastic colours used. These are uncommon and command a premium when encountered. The excess stock (or moulds) seem to have ended up with Tom Smith who carried them for several years, my own memories are of single figures coming in Christmas crackers around 1974/5
- 5 x Foot figure poses (some of which make good Roman soldiers, particularly from the end of empire era)
- 3 x Mounted figure poses (one of which is suitable for use as a republican Roman)
- 1 x Hollow horse similar in construction to Hong Kong horses but are of a unique design.
British Infantry
These are supplied by Airfix and consist of an unknown number of ‘Combat Group’ (probably a sprue, or a sprues worth?). See Airfix for further details.

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