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Monday, January 30, 2012

B is for Bowl...But is it art?

For only three or four hundred dollars you too can be the proud owner of a bowl full of holes...

'Mosleymeetswilcox' War Bowl...$399.00 and more some more I think this is theirs too and still more here

or you can go with the budget alternative;

'Raw Design'...Less than $35.00!

or...you could get a wok, turn the oven up and...

Hey! Woah-there!...I will not be held responsible for any damage done to your better-halves's utensils, you're all grown-ups, I'm just planting the seed!


Giano said...

It seems like murder to me... expecially when I think how expensive figures have become nowadays (and ho wis difficult to find stuff here in Italy)!!!

Maverick Collecting said...

I hadn't looked at it like that! But; yeah, where they've used HaT/Italeri Wellingtonians or what looks like Call to Arms (or Conte?) colonials it does seem to be a very wasteful practice, the green one though is HK shite and how they think they can charge 400 dollars for some 5 dollars-worth of microwaved figures is beyond me? The 20-quid bowl guy has also used cheepies!

Murderous swine - all of 'em!

Giano said...

The cheapies too are very difficult to find nowadays. luckily I've no need for them :) so they can keep roasting them for the moment.

Maverick Collecting said...

Over here you can still track down the cheepies, Toys-r-Us have bags in two colours of Fritz-helmeted Americans and the same figures are available in both Poundstreacher and The Pound Shop (for a pound!), same packaging, but 3-quid more in Poundstreacher (3.99) and 2 pounds more in T-r-Us (2.99)!

So try your local mall for the raw material of a bowl...with all those holes they'd make better lamp-shades...ooh, I think I just made my first million...wana' buy a lampshade, a 'designer' lampshade mind you? Only a mere $450!...

...plus postage of course!