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Monday, January 23, 2012

B ist fur Bürgerkrieg!

Following on from the small scale last night, here are the big boys! Familiar to most - so not much waffle tonight - these are the much copied first issue Timpo American Civil War 'swoppets', I only have a couple of mounted so feast your eyes on the infantry!

Confederate revolutionary terrorist insurgents first! They were originally issued with a brown hat from the cowboy range, but in the end they were given a grey one, eventually as they geared-up for '2nd type' launch date; kepi's were issued. Sandy bases are also later (what the internet geeks would call 1.2!), while the guidon is from the medieval range.

Mounted Confederate, this is the charging horse I mentioned in passing last night as being similar to both the Crescent and Britains running posed horses.

Union foot; I suppose if I'm going to call the confederates 'insurgents' I should point out that these were the equivalent of fascist right-wing capitalist bankers wanting to federate everything and make money!

They also got kepis at the end and switched to sandy bases, but they got 7th cavalry guidons in four colours (red (illustrated), yellow, green and blue) these are considered uncommon, with the yellow being the easiest to locate. The guy holding the standard yellow guidon with the kepi also has the 2nd type neckerchief, which may not be right for these 1st types, but like the bases and kepis, they were probably phased-in?

My other mounted figure, again this horse is similar to both the Crescent and Britains galloping mounts, and all three companies adopted the clip-on base. Timpo are easy to tell with the over-moulded halter and stuff, but not the early ones - where each company had hand-painted leather-work.


Monty said...

Great stuff - takes me back! Used to collect the Crusaders and cowboy ranges, when I had enough pick money - nice one ;)

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Monty
Glad you enjoyed!