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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

C is for Civil War, Cherilea and Confederation!

These appear to have been sculpted by the same guy responsible for the infamous UN infantry and East African Rifles in the 60mm solids range, and while the 'swoppet' system has allowed him to break the surly bonds of his previous sculpting limitations, it hasn't prevented his desire to sculpt double-jointed dancing daemons completely - and it does rather show...

The 54mm swoppet Confederates, I only have the three, and these are not as easy to find as the 60mm figures, the one on the right of the line-up has a Timpo base which is something to sort out as and when, while the guy in the middle can only muster with the aid of some Union boots!

"Pri'vet Hawkins?"


"Arr'you intendin' ta where'a them damyankee boots for the whole of this here waw'ar? 'Cos if you is boy - you'll be feelin' more than ma words across yow'a back see, I ain't havin' non of my men bringin' the Con'fed'der'acy into diss-repoote by warein' non-regoolation aparrell, you hear me Boy!?"

"Sir, Major, Sir!"

The 60mm figures, same sculptor - same pack-drill. There are two poses of Confederate soldier (possibly the two above) that exist in vast numbers, with dealers trying to off-load whole boxes of them for years now, the Union though have to be sought out as any other old plastics.

Earlier ones had the solid bases (green above) with holes specific to the figures, while the later issues had a generic base (sand above) with a choice of four holes and a hollow underneath.

As for the right-hand Confederate figure;




"Sir, Major Sir!"

On the left a comparison between the two sizes of figure. to the right; Cherilea also made a set of solid cavalry with very heavy bases, these were around 50mm, but sit OK with 54mm figures due to the base, mine seems to have had his tail docked! And is a re-issue from Dorset or Marlborough from the 1980/90's.

They also made 60mm solids of both ACW and 7th Cavalry but I only have one or two at the moment, all Union/7th blue, so they'll have to wait a while before they appear here.

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