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Sunday, January 15, 2012

G is for Giveaway; Cresent for Kellogg's

The Crescent/Kellogg's figures were (or are) my second favorites after the Britains Herald set, Robin looks like he means business, the Sheriff is clearly an evil chap and Friar Tuck is up for a fight and no mistake - to much sacristy wine methinks, begad!

My examples are not complete for either trademark, with Maid Marion missing altogether along with one of the medieval knight figures, also they are mostly Kellogg's which I remember from my time as a dealers assistant were always more common than the Crescent marked figures. Crescent are painted, Kellogg's not so.

The Robin character figures, these are both for Kellogg's although there are definitely two moulds, one with a bigger base but slightly smaller figure, mine are also from two production runs so are different shades of green.

Alan a'Dale and Little John, the colours were the same for both runs, unlike the knights in armour who were given completely different treatments, with silver for the Crescent originals and blue or white for the Kellogg's set.

Friar Tuck goes Mano-a-Mano with the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, the truth is the poor old sheriff was trying hard to raise one or other of the two massif ransoms we had to pay to get the awful King Richard out of hock, a man who hated Britain (or England as it would have been then), never learnt English and only visited his realm twice!

Three of the medieval knights, with a crescent original in the middle, flanked by the Kellogg's versions either side [That's what 'flanked' means - you idiot!]. They were not actually given away by Kellogg's at the same time as the Robin Hood figures so aren't 'technically' The enemy at all, but I don't know who else you'd use!

The medieval archer, the difference is so marked between the two in both size and sculpting, I'm keen to complete both sets to compare and contrast. it's almost as if Crescent have 'pirated' their own figure as previously supplied to Kellogg's?


Mosstrooper said...

Can remember as a child (about 50 years ago)having to shake the cornflake box to try and bring the enclosed figure to the top - it always seemed to be Alan A Dale in my disappointed childhood experience.

philotoadia said...

The Maid Marion figure is my favourite cereal premium ever, although I'm not old enough to have collected these figures at the time.

Maverick Collecting said...

Mosstrooper -

I was too busy eating Nabisco Shreddies at the time to ever bother with these!! I kept getting Zebadee!

Worst was when Mum got us a catering pack of 48 (?) boxes from the cash and carry, the rub being that the bulk packs had no toys in, our dog Finn was having rice crispies in his chappie for the next six months!

JD said...

wow .... i have just found your site by accident and recognise your medieval figures in my 45 year old toy box. I have the original robin hood maid marian, little john, friar tuck and mounted sherif. I also have older figures of the generic archer and knights.

do these have any value?

Maverick Collecting said...

It sounds as if the mounted figure is Britains, if so he's worth something, depending on paint condition, the Kellogs/Crescent aren't going to get you a second house (or a second lunch!) but altogether on evilBay they should get a round it!

Cheers for visiting - Hugh