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Saturday, January 7, 2012

News Views Etc...Another year dealing with a human-designed world!

Yah, Boo, Humbug!...I hate the New Year as passionately as I love Christmas...

I won't tell you how many figures I have or have not painted in the last 12 months, nor what that equates to as an average, or how it compares to the year before, I'm not going to tell you my plans for 2012, nor how 2011 failed to live up to any previous plan, I wouldn't list my scenic accomplishments - if I'd done any! And can assure you my only 'New Years Resolution' is to not make any New Year's resolutions...However, I will make a prediction or two;

There is a 60% chance white 'Western' civilization will collapse completely.
There is a 40% chance America will drag us into a war with Iran in the next 12 months.
There is a 30% chance we will have a 'conflict' with Argentina before Christmas.
There is a 20% chance we will have a 'conflict' with Argentina before the Olympics.
There is a 10% chance of a multi-faceted, who's-on-what-side, global war that could go Nuclear between Israel and Iran and/or North and South Korea and/or on the Indo-Pakistan boarder in the next 12 months.

To cheer you up after all that, here are a couple of links to arty-farty pages that are both - at the same time - beautiful, odd, weird and uplifting yet slightly disturbing. They also both leave you thinking "I wish I'd thought of that first".

The second one is definitely not safe for work (NSFW), so if you don't have the intellectual compass to deal with the March Hare taking his bunny-girl from behind; don't click on it!

Sebstiano Mauri

Cathie Pilkington

If you like the works; pass the links on - Art enriches human beings, war diminishes them.


MSFoy said...

My, my - cheering stuff! Tell you what, let's have a little bet. I'll even give you odds - if we are still here next New Year, you pay me 1000 euros. If we are all dead, get in touch and I'll pay you 2000 euros. Bet?

Maverick Collecting said...

If I'd gone over 70% on them I'd take you up, but I'm a retard - not a fool!

Also you seem to be assuming we're both going to Hell, as I wouldn't be in the other place to collect, having rationalized that absentee landlord out of my head before I was 12!!