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Monday, January 30, 2012

W is for Wellingtonians

I may be neglecting the Airfix purists at the moment but I'm giving the Giant chattering-class a handful of Katzini's this week instead! As this is a non-box that should be split between the other two - missing - boxes, I have no mounted figures in this sample (they're as bad as the ACW ones - believe me!) and as their artillery is identical to the Civil War stuff we looked at the other day (C is for Copies) it's just a look at the foot figures...

..where we find the blue-force commander wishing - as the rounds wizz ever nearer - that he hadn't let his Godmother choose his new uniform the last time she went shopping in Paris.

They are really quite good for Hong Kong production, copied from the SAE figures of Holgar Eriksson, and with the detail so well preserved they may have used 54mm figures (or technically; 55mm if Comet/Authenticast's were used?) as donor models.

With regards to the officers - I'm not too sure how effective a light-sabre duel will prove to be once they are 20 paces away from each other?

A close-up of the kneeling firer, there's nothing in it between this figure and the various new production sets around at the moment from HaT or Strellets*R, indeed this chap is a darn sight better sculpted, proportioned and even detailed than some recent sets I could mention!!


Paul´s Bods said...

What make were the napoleonic and ACW 54mm´s that came in boxes that looked similar to Airfix blue box art...with a stripe down one side ??
I used to have tons of them..al gone now :-( I´ve searched the web but nothing.

Maverick Collecting said...

Sounds like the Timpo solids, known as 'Action Packs', check the website I've linked to - to the right 'my favourites' they originally pre-date the swoppets, but were re-issued in the Airfix type boxes in the 1970's...should be them!!

Maverick Collecting said...

Sorry - Had a fried-egg going cold downstairs!! Try this link;

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