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Thursday, February 23, 2012

500th Post - not!

This would have been my 500th post, however I still have three posts in 'Edit' from ages ago (which will probably never see the light of day) that aren't included in the total, and I've deleated a few over the years so it was closer to 510 anyway. As I seem to have successfully imported the 40 posts from the 'Other Collectables' blog a few minutes ago it's now around 539 which is not a celebratory figure at all, just a boring number between five and six-hundred!

However, my hits total adjusted to take account of the 2008/9 period before 'Stats' were introduced is around 165,000, which is 40-odd thousand more than it was when I had all the trouble with the counter back in Oct/Nov. This is on target to be the second month of 10,000+ hits, and I can only thank all those who have contributed, seriously - anyone can blurb away on the internet, but when people want to come back again and again it's very gratifying and gives one the impetus to carry-on.

That I've reached such a total with only 72 followers seems to be down to the fact that a lot of people in the specific area of plastic figure collecting I aim at, aren't on Blogger or even that active on the internet, so they use whatever 'bookmarked' Google search they originally found the blog from, as a result I have to thank whoever has hit me 53 times with the search-term "mighty max" or the chap who has come back 26 times using "avion playmobile de la page 37 du catalogue"! How that search term originally brought you here is beyond comprehension but thanks for coming back so often.

The upload of the posts from 'Other Collectables' and the Blogger tag-limit means I really have to spend a few days sorting the tags out, for the time being; NTS in the label list means Non-Toy-Soldier and pertains to stuff that has no relevance to toys, modelling or military history. Eventually I will have to abreivaite all sorts of serch terms and will put a key-panel above the Index.

So - heading for 600 posts and 200,000 hits (I'll re-try the prize thing when we get there!), coming soon; More Asian elephants from very old books (1906 I think, the next one), show report on Sandown, Elastolin marching 60mils, more hollow-horsed Hong Kong Cowboys & Indians (and 'Romans'), some more new production and some ruined military installations.

You keep reading - I'll keep blurbing verbiage!


johnpreece said...

Congratulations, ( I think).


Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks John - I wasn't looking for praise, just throwing some mental notes together under a vague 'heading'!

And thanking those without whom blogging would be a public exercise in talking to your 'invisible friend' in a cupboard while everyone else plays musical chairs...


Paul´s Bods said...

I´ve just picked myself off the floor :-D
"avion playmobile de la page 37 du catalogue"
That has to be one of the oddest search hits :-D Surely the 1st two words would have been enough for any search?
I look occasionally at what search words have led people to my blog, it can lighten the day up no end. Today....3 for "commander dante"
Ok, commander..the word I have used but Dante....never.

Anyways, congrats and the more you add..the odder the search hits will get :-D
The new captcha´s can be a laugh as well :-D

Paul´s Bods said...

"blogging would be a public exercise in talking to your 'invisible friend' in a cupboard "

Sounds like confessionals in church :-D

Maverick Collecting said...


Given how useful most priests are they might as well be invisible!

On the weekly or daily stats I get the weirdest search terms, but the guy was obviously looking for a specific item he knew was on a specific page of a specific catalogue, yet having found non-Playmobile me...continues to come back...brilliant!

Thanks Paul

Gog said...

Hi Hugh, congratulations! all those visits, followers, comments and so on are much deserved.

And that comment with the "avion playmobil" ist really funny, I also get some weird search terms, and I am often tempted to taking a screen capture of write it down before I forget them.

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Gog - thanks

That's such a good idea I've just stolen it! See attached image..