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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

B is for Big Ears

This is quite an easy - non-Giant - one to identify, although as you can tell from the lack of a figure and the torn hand-rails it's the only one in this 'odd' box, I think I've got 4 more somewhere with the correct riders, so will blog this again when they turn-up.

The main identifier is the lack of stars or other decoration on the three discs of the decorative over-lay, this is unusual, with the other five or six types I've so far discovered having 4, 5 or 6 pointed stars or other design in relief on those discs. It's also lacking the little bite in the front of the chariot where a locating stud on the decorative element usually sits. The fact that the decoration is in the same colour as the chariot body is a third identifier as they are normally different colours.

The other 'teller' is the horse, which has pronounced ears cut into the mould, well back on the skull, hence my christening this one 'Big-Ears'. There are also differences in the front piece of 'rococo' trace-work between the horses pointing forwards, but I'll have to look at all the chariots together one day to get those differences properly documented. The chariot is marked 'MADE IN HONG KONG' on the underside but in larger letters than Giant originals.

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