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Sunday, February 19, 2012

G is for God Save The Queen

For a number of reasons the three articles I lined-up for Friday still haven't been uploaded, but I aught to put something out so here's a tenuous link to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations which have just begun - a classic piece from the Silver Jubilee which I remember well, indeed I still have the mug that every school-age child in Hampshire was given by the county council...thanks tax paying-age people of 1977-land!

Made by Crescent, it was probably the last new moulding they produced!! A vast improvement on the old lead/white metal ones that had accompanied all the other jubilees and coronations from the 1880's - some of which were dragged out again in '77 if memory serves!

Of real interest to me are the little Beefeaters, who have a large spigot on the underside of the base which requires removal before they can be used as stand-alone figures, luckily I have a few lose ones somewhere so these can remain inviolate!

The whole assembly; strangely there were no figures for Her Majesty The Queen or her Consort - The Duke of Edinburgh? Originaly it came in a slip-over cardboard tube, without it, you can still pass it off as a 'mint' set by Cavendish, who obtained the remaining stock for their gift shop in Windsor or wholesale operation.

We are incredibly lucky to have a pretty powerless but never-the-less 'constitutional' monarch, no rampant Berlusconi's, short arse's with a complex, Victoria-cross self-awarding Amin's or divisive Bush's for us, no autocratic Amirs, no Juntas, Generals, or dictators, no Corporal this or Captain that, no year zero, five year plan or great leap forward, no little red, black, green or blue 'Book' - thank you very much, just a link with 2000 years of continuous history who does little of controversy and a lot of good for our standing and prestige on the world stage...

...after all if she went; what would all those fat, khaki-shorts wearing, tea-party yanks wandering around London do in the August break? Where would the coachloads of chattering Japanese tourists go? They bring hundreds of millions to our shores and inject them into our economy because we have red-coated Guards, gold Coaches and a Monarch!

Gawd'bless'yer Marm and may you rule for many years yet.


Mosstrooper said...

Hear hear ! sir

Maverick Collecting said...

Well - Thank you Sir...for passing-by and leaving words of encouragement!