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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A is for Around and About

Following-on from the Dr. Who Adventures magazine freebies the other night, this is all stuff I've picked-up between the middle of November and last week, most of it should therefore still be readily available somewhere, if only on evilBay (the TK Maxx stuff for instance) where some enterprising soul has bought a whole load and doubled its price on the 'Buy it Now' model of capitalism!

On Saturday the 12th(?) of November I put the whole of my collection in a van and drove it to the storage unit, by the following Tuesday I was able to take this photograph back at the flat! The Minuteman from Britians was my 'best letter' gift from Toy Soldier and Model Figure magazine, the Siku set was a TK Maxx reduction/clearance item (who decided on 1:55th scale for gods sake, when they've already got 1:42, 1:48, 1:50 and 1:60 as standards in the die-cast vehicle universe?!!) as was the Bakugan carded set. the rest came from a bakers that still had old Festival stock along with newer pieces.

Close-up of the Festival Cupid/Eros figure with its factory-paint intact, clearly marked Festival, I know the train candle-holders are Festival as well.

Poundstreacher had the YB vehicles (CAT knock-offs) for a few quid before Christmas and may well have some left, it's been a while since I was there. While the awful pink castle came from the new 99p Shop in Newbury. The castle went strait in the bin but the figures were kept, they're between 54 and 60 mil and have hollow backs...so sort of semi-round?!

Walmart-call-me-Asda gave me the paratrooper, free in exchange for about £2.99, I can't remember where the animals came from (possibly Ryman's?) but they are all over the place at the moment and I know Sainsbury's have a similar assortment - bagged - in their party-favor range and I've seen Dinosaurs as well.

The Huntik thing was another clearance item from TK Maxx, while the new Lego figure range has just come out all over the place and the Clash of Hero's bags are currently in The Works for 99p.

These two were Rymans's and I'm going to take the key-ring off the Dalek, the TY Bear was a 'sample' purchase, I will not be getting any more, but he will help to identify the stuff when it starts coming-in in mixed lots 20 years from now.

These were both Poundshop, one (truck) before Christmas the other (Woodie) last week, both - obviously - a quid! I'll be removing the key-ring again. the truck is a little bigger than 1:76/72 stuff like Airfix or Academy.

These both came from the craft superstore in Basingrad I can never remember the name of, but 'Super Craft Store' will do for now [The Arts and Crafts Superstore - Winchester Road], the Pirate set has 8 lovely 54mm figures but at that price only an idiot would by it, so I asked if I could take a photograph for the blog and they said yes - that's why the image is ruined by about 11 strip-light reflections!

Studies of the golfer cake-decoration from Wilson, the figure is identical to the figure that used to come with large-scale HK vehicles of the Camper-van type back in the 1960's and '70's but the base has been altered to read 'Wilson' and 'China'. The accessories went in the same bin as the pink castle.

So there you have it; lots of bits around and about if you look for it, and in years to come some of this stuff will be harder to find (some would argue - you won't want to find it!) than turn of the last century hollow-casts or 1950's 54mm plastic, because there is more being produced now than ever before, but a lot of it - all that TK Maxx sell-through - is only available for a very short period.

There's a film called 'The Last Airbender' or Water-sucker or something which has spawned at least two sets of figures; small ones I've seen in TK Maxx and larger 4" type 'action figures' which were in Poundstretcher - I think - which (as I've never heard of the film) must have had such a short shelf-life you'll not find them on Google (or it's successor) in 50 years time, and dozens of similar movies are giving rise to equally unpopular figures all the time.


Sam's Blog said...

I don't post often on your blog, but I read your posts with regularity...
It's an unusual blogg in the "minis-world" and very interesting!
looks more like a "toy-universal- encyclopaedia" ! I like it.

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Sam

The main aim is - over time - to try and mention everything once...an impossible goal but it keeps me going!

There will be more large scale from now on as I've got all this stuff from last autumn (2010) to blog and I keep adding new bits to it.

When I started I was pretty much the only English Language one doing this sort of thing (there was a guy lifting images of eBay and adding a bit if blurb but he disappeared?), but there are lots of Spanish and Portuguese ones (some of which pre-date my whitterings) which I've linked to on the left of the page - both European and South American guys (and girls), and now Brian Carrick and 'Black Dragon' are doing good stuff with larger scales in English the situation can only improve!

I don't 'count' comments, and would rather people comment when they have something to say than just for the sake of it - like you get on some blogs;...."Really nice post"...two days later; "Really nice minis"...two days later; "Really nice stuff"...etc, etc...

I feel comments here are for corrections, additional info. and any stirred memories!!

But a bit of flattery keeps me posting!


Sam's Blog said...

"... very nice reply!" !!!!!